Power Support
Industry leaders agree that a perfect storm is developing where an aging workforce is colliding with a shortage of skilled workers resulting in inefficiencies, a lack of productivity and a knowledge gap. This gap will lead to increased costs and weak organizations. Smart Energy Source Power Support has been developed in response to this storm. SES Power Support offers the human capital, facilities and tools needed for an organization to “convert intangible assets into tangible outcomes.” SES Power Support is an important part of the entire SES initiative (shown below) as it provides the human support necessary to complete the goals and objectives of the SES model.

Multiple skills have been identified as essential to meeting the challenges confronting the energy industry. Through key partnerships, SES Power Support has developed independent plans that address the needed skills to take energy to the next generation. The skills required must fill the skill gaps that will be created by the introduction of new technologies. Through SES Power Support, a business model with strategies for filling these gaps has been developed.

The strategic solutions that are being executed by SES Power Support to address these skill requirements include:
Workforce Development
Projecting future workforce requirements and creating partnerships that will help train potential employees with the required skill sets
Building Capacity
Focusing on core competencies needed by current employees to meet expectations by focusing on leadership, culture and skill development
Organizational Resources
Offering experienced and trained staffing who can be contracted for a specific purpose. Communication, facility and productivity resources, and energy tools are also available
Developing key performance indicators and benchmarks that lead to increased efficiencies and measurable results